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Monthly Archives: March 2012

As evinced by the absence of new posts these past few months, things have been busy.  I finally went out today to spend some time behind the lens as the weather turned unseasonably warm.  Upon returning home and reviewing the photographs I made on the hike, I discovered that this last one is the 4,000th shot I have made with the Canon 450D.  Remarkably, tomorrow marks three years to the day since I purchased the camera.  I realize that 4,000 shots is nothing for a professional photographer.  So what?  I shoot for myself, for the joy of connecting with what I see and experience in nature.  I have averaged better than 1,300 a year, and a few of the photographs have even been pretty good.  I probably shot less than 1,300 photos on chrome over the seven years that I was working with a Canon A-1 and Velvia.  It has been a good three years.