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Monthly Archives: May 2011

I think there are numerous factors typically prerequisite to successful nature photography.  I never regret having previsualized my imagery before I arrive at a destination, nor do I ever wish I had decided not to bring along the tripod while traveling.  Nonetheless, as I have mentioned previously, perhaps the most important rule for the nature photographer is to simply make the shot.  The photograph below is a case in point.  What proved to be a rather serious spring storm recently rolled over my town.  I had been watching the sky all day for potential shots, and readied the camera as the sky began to change to green and then orange.  I was home alone watching my two young daughters; there was no real opportunity to set up the tripod and position myself outside in the ready.  Instead, when the light seemed right, I went outside with camera in hand and some basic previsualizations in mind.  I made many shots in the ensuing five minutes as the sky swiftly changed.  Had I not been willing to sacrifice image quality and shot hand-held at high-ISO, I would have returned indoors with nothing more than better wishes for next time.  Instead, I made the shot I previsualized in the moment before I tripped the shutter.