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Monthly Archives: April 2011

There is something visceral about spring’s first hints of color that remains semantically elusive.  The return of vernal blossoms in the form of flowers and newborn leaves instills in one a sense of vitality and a heightened awareness, if only temporarily, of promise.  Those first weeks of spring are special, when the colors are fresh and the landscape has not yet settled into the darker green that will persist for the duration of summer.  Such moments are fecund with the potential for growth and renewal.  That is the promise.

Over the years, I have designed and revised a one-page nature photography primer.  The purpose of this “cheat sheet” has been to help organize my developing thoughts regarding the mechanics of the craft.  I recently came across several results from the Wordle website.  Wordle is a free service that generates word clouds based on passages of text.  I could not resist plugging my nature photography primer into Wordle.  Here is the resultant cloud.