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Although I do not consider myself one of the Apple Faithful, I am a devotée of Apple technology and have been so since first being introduced to the Apple IIe.  I have even made pilgrimage to the Apple Company Store.  A few days ago, the Apple iPad was released for purchase.  I do not (yet) want one, but do think it presents itself as a potentially interesting medium as a digital portfolio.  Image being able to carry your entire photographic work in an 8×10 in display that weighs only 1.5 lbs, features beautiful resolution, and allows a prospective viewer or buyer to hold that piece of art in his or her hands.  The possibilities are intriguing.


  1. I agree, Brad. The form factor of the iPad would certainly appear to lend itself to photo presentations.

  2. Jason: I believe this is actually one of the under-discussed options for the iPad. If a pseudo-sophisticated Photoshop-like app shows up where adjustments can be made, it would make it even all the more worthwhile.

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