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When I was in college, a psychology professor once exhorted our class that the most important analytical tool in science is the use of the eyes.  Perhaps this lesson applies to nature photography.  Sometimes, making the shot relies on looking at things from a different perspective than the norm.


  1. I strongly concur, Celia. One cannot overstate the value of an education.

  2. Indeed, all art forms, particularly the visual ones, teach us to really fully “see” the world.

    My experiences with learning to draw and paint have caused me to notice the natural world in new ways, really paying attention to things like light and shadow, line and form, color and texture, size and angle.

    While science helps us learn to see things from an analytical perspective, art can also cause us to notice the details and how they influence the whole.

    To me, an education, whether in the arts, the sciences, the humanaties, or through experience, serves to make us more fully human, and to regard the world around us with NEW eyes, new perspectives, and new possibilities.

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